Shakhtar magazine: latest issue

Dear fans! The latest issue of Shakhtar magazine is out.

The club president Rinat Akhmetov opens the issue with addressing the readers.

- It’s a great joy that young players have knocked on the door of the first team so loudly. That's what we talked about 10 years ago. The quality of our players is a compliment to the Academy. I am convinced that these guys are the future of Shakhtar.

In the magazine, you will also find an exclusive interview with Marcio Azevedo. The Brazilian footballer shares his memories of how his football career has evolved.

- At 20, I suffered a serious injury - a broken kneecap. There were all kinds of treatment! But it did not help. At that moment, I had huge depression, I thought I would no longer play football. However, six months later, I returned to sport, and a few weeks later I signed a contract with a new club! Then I realized that the injury was a kind of test. I had to cope with it ahead of the next step in my career. A new path in my life was opened.   

On peculiarities of Scandinavian football and Malmo in particular, read the opinion piece from Vadim Yevtushenko, an expert of Futbol 1 and Futbol 2 channels, who at the time played for Swedish teams.

- I won’t surprise anyone if I say that Malmo are vulnerable: evdry year talented players leave the club. Now, Malmo no longer show good football that we have seen in the past year. Unfortunately, the current squad of the Swedish team have not yet risen to the desired level. 

In addition, you will find a new exclusive material about behind the scenes of shot-stopping by a goalkeeping coach Tomislav Rogic.

- Now there is not such a thing among goalkeepers as “young / old”. A player can only possess or not possess the necessary qualities. It is Mircea Lucescu who will assess it. He gives all players a chance to play and ensures that none of his players is complacent. Mister analyses how a goalkeeper worked in training sessions, what his psychological state has been during the week. And based on that, he makes a decision. It is important that all goalkeepers of Shakhtar have match practice and thus, each of them is motivated.

Read the opinion pieces from the Shakhtar captain Darijo Srna and the famous defender of the club in 1980s Oleksandr Sopko, find exclusive photos, statistics, analysis and more.

The latest issue of Shakhtar magazine is available for download. Enjoy reading!