Ismaily: Game against Malmo is crucial for us

Shakhtar defender gave an interview to the official website ahead of the Champions League match.

- Ismaily, Malmo play physical football of the Scandinavian type, while Shakhtar display fluid European style. Who has the advantage in this regard?
- Right, our opponents are a physical team. They have some powerful players in the squad. Malmo operate in a pushy way. But I believe that we should take advantage of our skill set to beat them! It is very important to approach the game perfectly knowing the opponents, because we really need a victory.

- Malmo are not the most famous team in Europe...
- We viewed videos of their games: it is obvious that it won’t be easy for us. Though personally, I have never been to Scandinavia and never played any local teams – it will be the useful new experience.

- But in what case should you be more careful: against a team having some big names in the line-up or in a clash with the likes of Malmo?
- In both cases! Little-known sides can bring major surprises and challenges. European top clubs, of course, can do that either. But generally that’s a matter of chance, because in football anything is possible.

- Is having some tall players in the squad the Swedes’ strength?
- In part, this is a plus for them. But we will try to beat them not through force or height, but through our skill.

- Football is not the most popular sport in Sweden. Does it affect Shakhtar’s mood in a way?
- Not at all. I am sure that the upcoming match is very important for both teams. In particular, for us it is actually crucial. Motivation of Shakhtar and Malmo will be sky-high. We have to show our best qualities and the one making fewer mistakes will win.

- In the encounter with Dynamo, Shakhtar acted with an amazing fighting spirit. We saw the desire to sweep away the opponents on your way.
- Yes, and we’ve retained it! This week, we have two important matches. The first one is over, with us facing the second one. We are facing a crucial game in the group. Shakhtar are well-tuned and concentrated.