Andriy Pyatov: We’ve already had experience of playing with tall teams

The goalkeeper of Shakhtar has answered questions from the media on the eve of the match with Malmo.

- What’s the mood like in the team? Are you ready to make a present for Mircea Lucescu at his one hundredth match in the group stage of the Champions League?
- We climbed to the first place in the Ukrainian league, so the mood is good; it is necessary to keep it for tomorrow's game. And we certainly want to make a present for Mircea Lucescu.

- As you know, Malmo deploy a British style of play, which implies a lot of crosses. There are not very many tall players at Shakhtar, how are you going to solve this problem?
- The coach will tell us how we must act – we will do that. We have already faced tall teams, so we have the experience.

- You've had a few mistakes recently in the Champions League. How have you dealt with it?
- We analyse them. These are technical errors; we are serious about them. We are analysing these issues with goalkeeping coach and the head coach. Hopefully, we will not stumble again.

- Is there any kind of pressure on the team, given that there's nowhere to retreat? Or, conversely, do you feel that you will take points?
- I do not like to talk about whether we will win or lose. We are gearing for the Champions League. We strive to participate in this tournament every year, so in each match we make every effort to achieve success. Hopefully tomorrow we will avoid injuries.

- What makes this game different from the previous two?
- The difference is that there will be two consecutive games with the same opponents. We are analysing Malmo as well as Real Madrid and PSG. We thoroughly assessing each player’s style of play.