DUFL: early goal effect

In the games of DUFL, the Pitmen U14 and U16 played an away game with Monolit, and Shakhtar U15 and U17 entertained DUFSH FC Vorskla.

The game involving younger teams of the Pitmen and Monolit was very entertaining. The Pitmen went forward and as early as on 4 minutes Bohdan Potalov opened the scoring. The next episode also brought a result to the visitors. After a cross from Oleksandr Zaytsev from the flank, the Kyiv defender deflected the ball into his own net. Monolit did not offer anything in response and cleared the ball upfield, but the Pitmen managed to score three more goals against the opponents. Abdula Abdulayev netted two more goals, and Oleksandr Kurtsev scored his fifth goal. During the half time break, Shakhtar made seven changes, but it did not change the game radically. First, it was Leon Gladkovskyy, who got on the score sheet, and on 46 minutes it was Danylo Savchenko who scored. Abdulaev wrapped the game up, after sealing a hat trick.

Shakhtar U14 head coach Andriy Zabolotnyi has reflected on the game:

- We faced the team, who were stronger than us. That’s why we were building the game through ball control, quick combinations, wings.  Those were pre-match instructions, which we managed to fulfill. In the next round, we have an important game with Dynamo Kyiv coming up. So, this time we tried to give everyone match practice. The boys got necessary workload.

Monolit U14 (Kyiv) - Shakhtar U14 (Donetsk) - 0:8 (0:5)

Goals: Potalov (4), own goal (6), Abdullayev (12), Abdullayev (23), Kurtsev (27), Gladkovskyi (32), Savchenko (46), Abdullayev (50)

Shakhtar U14: Turbaevskiy, Potalov (Kobzar, 31), Shysh (Plaksa, 31), Kondratenko, Zaitsev (Alizadeh, 31) Umanets (Kharchenko, 31), Maslov (Kobylyanskiy, 31), Tkachenko (Savchenko, 31), Kurtsev (Svityukha, 31), Abdullayev, Gladkovskiy

Head coach: Igor Leonov
Coach: Andriy Zabolotnyi

In the older group the Pitmen quickly managed to score to materialize their game dominance. On 9 minutes, Gennadiy Zubov’s charges organised the attacking move down the left flank, which Yegor Vyachistyi converted into a goal. Shakhtar U16 traditionally created danger in the opposition half of the pitch, and on 21 minutes Vyachistyi scored his second goal in a similar fashion. In the end of the first half, the Pitmen managed to extend their lead. First shot from Bohdan Priblida was parried away by the goalkeeper, but the midfielder seized on the rebound.

In the second half, the Pitmen continued going forward, making the hosts to focus completely in defence. But Shakhtar still found space for attacks and converted their chances. Danila Litovchenko managed to score twice after coming on as a sub. On 72 minutes, Vladislav Chmyryov was spearheading attack; he received the ball inside the penalty area after a cross from the flank before taking control of the ball to send the ball into corner of the net. Monolit managed to score a consolation goal.

- We dominated proceedings, delivered the ball into the opposition penalty area, - Shakhtar U16 head coach Gennadiy Zubov has commented on the game. – During the course of the whole game we managed to control the ball. Although we made one error, and the opponents could have scored themselves. Overall, it was a decent training game and a preparatory match ahead of the clash with Dynamo. Now we will gear up for the game with Dynamo.

Monolit U16 (Kyiv) - Shakhtar U16 (Donetsk) - 1:6 (0:3)

Goals for Shakhtar: Vyachistyi (9), Vyachistyi (21), Pribluda (37), Litovchenko (47), Litovchenko (59) Chmyryov (72)
Shakhtar U16: Gurskiy (Rumyantsev, 50), Korjakin, Dobrokhotov, Taloverov (Lyubimov, 75), Chmyryov Nazarenko (Baydaev 65), Drozdov, Liskov, Pribluda (Apanchuk, 41), Maksimenko (Litovchenko, 41), Vyachistyi (Prokopchuk, 41)
Head coach: Gennadiy Zubov
Coach: Oleksandr Alimov

In the match involving DUFSH FC Vorskla U15 Shakhtar took control of the game straight away. The Pitmen left the opponents without the ball, and regularly created dangerous situations upfront. On 15 minutes, Olexiy Sidorov opened the scoring after beating the goalkeeper with a well taken shot. After two minutes Stanislav Biblik capitalised on a cross from a corner kick. In the subsequent attacking move Mykyta Kabrel bore down on goal, but was brought down inside the penalty area. The referee considered the foul as a professional one and sent the defender off. Kabrel coolly converted the penalty kick. Besides, before the break, Egor Morozov got on the scoresheet before the break. In the second half, Oleksandr Ladeyko’s charges went on to score three more times. First, it was Dmytro Zorilo who netted a goal, a little later it was Illya Dyakov. On 60 minutes, Kabrel again reminded about himself, scoring second goal in the game, with Maksym Golik wrapping the match up to seal his brace.

- The score speaks for itself, - Shakhtar’s head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko comments on the game. – We energetically started the game, carved the opposition defence open and converted our chances. We played well in the attack, scored a plenty of goals. The Poltava side could not cope with us, we totally dominated the game, hence the result.

Shakhtar U15 (Donetsk) – DUSH FC Vorskla U15 (Poltava) - 10:0 (4:0)

Goals: Sidorov (15), Biblik (17), Kabrel (19, pen.), Morozov (32), Zorilo (42), Dyakov (51), Dyakov (58), Kabrel (60), Golik (62), Golik (63)

Shakhtar U15: Trubin (Egorchenko, 56), Biblik (Dyakov, 36), Kharchenko, Snisar, Prokha (Aussi, 36), Bodnya (Belkin, 56), Fedoruk, Morozov, Kabrel, Zorilo, Sidorov (Golik, 36 )

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra

It did not take long for the older team to carve open the opposition defence. On 8 minutes, Andriy Kravchuk received a ball to find the target. After conceding a goal, the opponents continued to sit deep in defence, the Pitmen did not allow the opposition to go forward. The hosts continued to extend their lead. On 17 minutes, Valeriy Gaivan fired the ball in, and after nine minutes it was Vladislav Kuzmenko who got on the score sheet. In the second half Shakhtar kept on dominating, but the team managed to convert only two chances. On 59 minutes, Rodion Serdyuk headed in a corner, and in the subsequent attack Vakulenko managed to skip past his opponent to seal a brace.

- We were gearing up for high-scoring game, - Shakhtar U17 head coach Valeriy Rudakov has reflected on the match. – We operated confidently both in defence and attack. The mix of those two components helped us accomplish the task. We did not allow the opponents to create dangerous chances. Overall, the boys’ commitment and desire to win were clear. We are pleased with the game and the result.

Shakhtar U 17 (Donetsk) - FC DUSH Vorskla U 17 (Poltava) - 7:0 (5:0)
Goals: Kravchuk (8), Gaivan (17), Kuzmenko (26), Vakulenko (28), Kuzmenko (38), Serdyuk (59), Vakulenko (60)
Shakhtar U17: Vertey (Khmelovskiy, 52), Mate, Sobolevskiy, Serdyuk, Pavlish (Asadov, 60), Yakovets, Kuzmenko (Bodnaruk, 41), Gaivan, Vakulenko, Kravchuk, Andryushchenko
Head coach: Valeriy Rudakov
Coach: Oleksandr Koval