Maksym Malyshev: Ternopil will be geared up very seriously

The Pitmen’s midfielder has granted an interview before the second match of the Ukrainian Cup.

- Maksym, in the first match, Shakhtar got an overwhelming victory. What game are you expecting this time?
- We had a good first game and won 5:0. But I'm sure that Ternopil will be geared up very seriously. In a match with Shakhtar, the opponents will have a high motivation. Therefore, it will be a good game.

- At Ternopil, there are a lot of young players who will also be extremely motivated...
- Of course. And it is important to go into the return leg in the most collected and responsible manner. We should not look at the result of the first match. I am sure that all the guys, whom Mister will entrust a place in the first team, will give their all to get a positive result!

- Have the team recovered psychologically after games against Malmo?
- Yes, there have already been theory sessions. We analysed errors. Mister said that they need to corrected in the second match with Malmo to get a win with a 2-goal experience.

- By and large, all the errors committed by the team are obvious, aren’t they?
- Yes, Mister thoroughly demonstrated it and we analysed it. In particular, a goal conceded. We have drawn conclusions and will move on.

- How are you switching over to the match against the First League teams?
- We are professionals and must be ready for each game with a serious attitude - with all opponents! We think about how to show a good game and we must win. I'll tell you about myself: I need to progress with each match and fulfil the coaching instructions, constantly show my level and prove that I deserve a place in the first team. Plus, we're playing for the fans - we want to please them.

- Is there a task to win 5-0 once again or with larger score?
- Let’s hope that it will turn out. The game will show! If we go into the match with all the responsibility, everything will be fine.