Vasyl Ivehesh: Why torment us? Let it be just one match!

Head coach of Ternopil commented on the game against the Pitmen.

- I passed this marathon. We really wanted Shakhtar to be our opponents. You saw that at home we got numerous goals from Donetsk, we didn’t know how to play against them and what to do. We hoped to perform better here. Although, when we were going to Kyiv, some sceptics said that there would be a double-figure score. But we were preparing for this match. However, we missed an early goal, became scatter-brained. What can we get from those meetings? Firstly, our young players had an opportunity to play against the giants of Ukrainian football, even European football. We've been through those clashes. The matches are interesting in terms of training players and of gaining experience. You saw it: our guys exchanged shirts with the Pitmen with their eyes watering. I hope to learn from this confrontation only positive things. Because now we're at the bottom of the table, but we still have three home matches and an away one. So do not judge us severely - we have not yet said our last word. I think this game will help us in the domestic league. Regarding today's meeting I also want to say just one thing, this is my personal opinion: we wanted to take on Shakhtar badly, rejoicing to the extent of jumping. If only it were a one-legged tie! We would have played Shakhtar at home, staging a festival for our fans ... But tormenting us further, expecting us to win it and advance to the next stage – that’s unreal. And the teams like ours would like to ask in the future the Federation and everyone else to give us just one match. Let the giants fight with one another. Without tormenting us... We organized a festival of football in Ternopil, but coming here ... It was so clear that we would not achieve anything. But overall, it was nice to experience the football atmosphere. As it happens further – we'll see.