Shakhtar vs Ternopil: players’ view

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the Ukrainian Cup last-16 second leg.

Taison, Shakhtar's midfielder:

- Today's match means a lot to me: it's my 100th game for Shakhtar – the club that I love very much. I was well received here, and I feel great with Shakhtar’s shirt on. I am happy to have been the squad captain. But in the future let Darijo Srna and Alex Teixeira continue perform this role. Of course, I wanted to score in a milestone match for me. This is important because the last time I scored happened in the match with Volyn. Initially it was Nem who was going to take a penalty, but he responded to my request and gave me the right to take a spot kick. As for my assists to Boyarchuk, we have a good understanding with each other. Andriy is a very good player. He has room to improvement, I'm sure in the future he will become a great player. Shakhtar have a great future with such talented youth. Moreover, we have a very strong coach.

Vasyl Kobin, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- I have already ready that I have scored with a "scissors’ kick"... In principle, that’s what it was but it was rather pedicure “scissors”, small ones! At the time I was focused on goal, I saw the ball bounce. However, there was Viktor rushing, but I managed to shout that I would hit it myself. It is good that my team-mate left me a ball –the goal proved to be spectacular. I work diligently in training and when I am given a chance – I give my all.

Andriy Boyarchuk, Shakhtar’s forward:

- Today Ternopil played with each player individually, so it was not escape their marking. Nevertheless, almost everything turned out well for us: we would find free zones, dart into them and score. I want to thank Taison for a good pass, after which I beat the goalkeeper. Taison is a wonderful person and a footballer, we have a good relationship, understand each other on the field and beyond. I interplay with young players well too – we have been in the team for a long time. Each of us is trying to maximally prove himself - we are given a chance to play for the first team! I am no longer afraid of senior football. It is much more interesting here, there is a completely different level.