Serhiy Kryvtsov: Zorya will not be sitting deep

Shakhtar defender speaks about the upcoming match against the Luhansk side.

- Zorya are always more than just motivated in the matches against Shakhtar, especially as currently the team have been fighting for the top-of-the-table spots. Are you ready for the pressure by Luhansk?
- Today, everyone knows about the high level of performance of the team created by Yuriy Vernydub. We are ready for the fact that Zorya will make every effort to take some points away from us. Even more so as some Shakhtar graduates play there. I haven’t got a clue whether all those guys will be playing against us, but if they take to the pitch, they are gonna cause us many problems for sure. I think Zorya have been tasked again with advancing to the European club competitions. So it is easy to assume that Luhansk will try to avoid the loss of points, even in the match against Shakhtar.

- This season, Zorya levelled with Dynamo in terms of the goals scored ...
- It is unlikely that such a great number of goals was scored just resulting from counterattacks. I’m sure the whole Luhansk team will not be just sitting deep. And that’s great! Zorya is not one of those teams who play only on their half with ten men. We expect the opponents to try to impose their own game upon us.

- Last season, Shakhtar in the two games against Zorya claimed only 3 points. Have you sorted out the mistakes that you made back then?
- We analysed the games just last year. I remember that there were both penalties against us and simply some disappointing errors ... Now, at the theory session, we will watch the recent games of Luhansk. Given that they have had some changes in the squad, it will be very useful. Everything we need to do is just playing better defensively.

- Who of Zorya players can cause you trouble?
- Frankly, I would not single out anyone. Zorya have many high-profile performers who fulfilled their talent just thanks to this team. Especially as the colours of the club are defended by Ukraine and Belarus internationals. So in Zaporizhya we won’t find it easy.

- Speaking of Zaporizhya. Are you glad to have come here again?
- Of course I am! It's always nice to come back to your home city, plus I haven’t been here for ages ... Of course, I'm glad. My friends and acquaintances will attend the match to support us.

- Shakhtar are back to the top spot now. Will it be harder to retain it than to have claimed it?
- I absolutely agree with you on that. Not for nothing do they say that getting to the top is easy, but to stay there is much more difficult. But we are Shakhtar, and we will make every effort to gain a foothold there.