Andriy Boryachuk: It was hard to get to the club

Dear supporters! We bring you excerpts from an exclusive interview with Shakhtar U21 forward Andriy Boryachuk, which was published in the latest issue of Shakhtar e-magazine.

- Is there strong competition at the Academy?
- It was hard even to get to the club, as the players are very carefully selected. For example, I visited them twice, only then they enrolled me. Of course, competition here is very serious, but I was immediately ready to work and give my all.

- What qualities does it primarily take to make it to the Shakhtar Academy?
- Discipline, talent, hard work and some luck.

- Do you have your signs before the game?
- I don’t have any particular signs, I just try to focus on the objectives before each game, I think over the possible actions in advance to avoid some mistakes.

- As a striker, what football features would you like to develop in yourself?
- I want to learn to use my body well, to cover the ball, to head it better, to promptly get my bearings on the pitch. When flying to Italy together with the first team, I felt that they have very fast-paced games there, so I should match it.

The full version of this interview can be found in our online publication. Shakhtar magazine is available for free download.