Ismaily: Zorya launch blistering counterattacks

The Pitmen’s defender has talked about the upcoming game with Zorya.

- At this stage of the season, the Luhansk team have conceded only five goals so far. Does it mean that their defence will be hard to carve open?
- Of course, the game will be very difficult, we will face a well-trained team. They have a really strong line of defence, but we will go forward and create chances. We will do everything to carve their defence open, we need to win at any cost.

- Why do giants of Ukrainian football often experience problems with Zorya?
- Any team that play against the giants have huge motivation. The opponents show their strengths, which are not visible in matches with other opponents. The most important thing for us is not to make again the mistakes of last season and lose points. We have to win at any cost, this is the key to our success.

- Does the fact of Shakhtar topping the standings create additional responsibility?
- That's not the case whether you are in the second or first place... If you put on Shakhtar’s shirt, it is a huge responsibility! Shakhtar are a team that have to win always and everywhere. We are trying very hard to regain the league title.

- Do you think Zorya will play defensive football against Shakhtar or is it worth waiting for open football?
- Probably, the Luhansk team will play on the counterattacks, like most teams, who face Shakhtar. But we need to be careful, because they spring very high-speed counterattacks.

- In your opinion, can Zorya compete with Dnipro for at least third place?
- We all know what Dnipro are capable of, their strength. But Zorya can surprise everyone and get ahead. As I said, the speed and reliable game in defence is their trump card.

- After the Zorya clash, there will be a very important game with Malmo. Can we assume that on Friday, Shakhtar will preserve energy?
- Beating the Luhansk will be a good motivation for us before the Malmo game. Before the Champions League it is useful to face with a strong team such as Zorya. Well, then we will try to get even in the match against the Swedish team, it's very important for us. Therefore the motivation for the next two games will be equally high.