Atalanta vs Shakhtar: players’ view

After the victory over the Italian side, the Donetsk team players have shared their views about the friendly game.

Anton Kanibolotskyy, Shakhtar’s goalkeeper:

- Both matches in Italy were hard. Carpi and Atalanta played in front of their fans, who wanted to show their level, make them happy. So we had a hard time with both teams. Though, perhaps, Atalanta demonstrated more creative football. Perhaps, in the first meeting our flight affected our game as we were a bit tired. Today we showed good football. We have accomplished the task, keeping a clean sheet. I think Mister is pleased. Although the coach has not said anything yet, just congratulating each other on the victory and the cup. It's always nice to win and get the trophies. Many youngsters took part in the game, there were no problems with mutual understanding - we train together, they know what to do on the field. I help them with advices too. My goal is to guide their actions. Before the game, they get instructions from the head coach, and so therefore there should be no surprises. All of our players are of high level.

Fred, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- Today's match was very different from meeting with Carpi - we played much better. Even the grass was of much better quality! Plus, of course, Atalanta were head and shoulders above our first opponents. I would note that today we were more focused, had more ball possession. We felt that the opponents acted with three strikers – our defence and midfield had a lot of work to do. Although Atalanta have often been forced to retreat, play in a more compact manner. So it was a difficult match, but we managed to show a good result.

Mykola Matvienko, Shakhtar’s defender:

- Both of the matches in Italy were not easy and at the same time they were different. Carpi are in their first season in Seria A, they were more sitting in defence during our match, but we conceded because of our mistakes. This team acted more roughly. I think that in the Serie B, where they were promoted from, more physical football is played. Atalanta are experienced team, they played in a measured, calm manner. In defence, we did more or less well, covering each other. The most important thing is that we have not conceded today. At the end of the Carpi match, we got a little bit relaxed, and as I said, two errors led to goals. There are no easy games at a senior level. In addition, in a duel with Carpi I was a little nervous, but today we managed to gear up for the match better.