Marlos: In Kharkiv, we always enjoy great support

Before the match against Metalist, Shakhtar midfielder granted an interview to the official website.

- Marlos, is the current Metalist much different from the one you used to play for?
- Of course it is. Back then, the club put a lot of money into the South American players. We had a very technical, close-knit and strong team back then. Currently, some of them are part of Shakhtar, and some others joined the top European clubs. Therefore, the difference is huge.

- Have you noticed any major changes in Metalist’s performance with the arrival of Oleksandr Sevidov?
- To be honest, I do not have much information about the new coach. But it is clear that he pays great attention to the physical condition and pace of his players. The team undergo changes.

- What kind of performance do you expect in this regard?
- Of course, it will be tough. The young players of Metalist will focus on their speed, they will operate with a great desire and pay special attention to defending.

- In the previous match, Metalist scored against Shakhtar in the dying seconds ...
- Frankly speaking, we are working hard to eliminate the fault of conceding goals in the closing minutes of the game. With Metalist we must be fully prepared and focused. We mustn’t forget that the game is over only after the final whistle.

- What Metalist player is most dangerous?
- As I said, Metalist comprise mainly young players. It is difficult to single out the most dangerous of them, they simply don’t have the one. They are formidable as a team when they are together on the pitch.

- There are many Shakhtar fans in Kharkiv these days. How will the crowd preferences distribute according to you?
- Every time we play in this city, I notice that our team enjoy great support there. I think this match will be no exception.