U21. Metalist vs Shakhtar: players’ view

After the match with Metalist U21, the Pitmen have shared their views.

Serhiy Gorbunov, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- I would like to thank the guys for the way the team received me, how they support me - the atmosphere at Shakhtar is very good. I think we worked well, and I am particularly pleased with the win in my first game. I was fielded went at left-back and played a lot in the attacking phase – those were the coaching instructions. When we were reduced to ten men, we made defence more compact to avoid gaps in the lines – still, it was difficult to run back constantly. We did not just hit the ball upfield and we tried to orchestrate our attacks. Everything worked out. But transition to Shakhtar is a new level for me. The team display intelligent, technical and fast football. I am impressed by this.

Vladyslav Bugay, Shakhtar U21 forward:

- It is difficult to take to the pitch as a sub, because it is important to strengthen the team, which today certainly should be commended. My job included not only offensive actions, but also cover the right flank after Oleksandr Zubkov was sent off. Yes, in the end game Boryachuk and I orchestrated a perfect combination, but at the moment of shooting, the sun was shining in my eyes and I could not see the ball. Somehow I managed to take a shot, but, unfortunately, I failed to score. However, there is no time to be upset: the start of the Youth Champions League is approaching, I hope to play there.

Andriy Boyarchuk, Shakhtar U21 forward:

- Any team examines the strengths of the opponent before the match. Certainly the opponents pay attention to my high scoring ratio, but today I still scored. I think the ability to score is not the most important quality for a striker, because we must also open up properly and receive a pass from team-mates. I try to score as much as possible, to make the most of the episodes, cultivate equanimity. I think that everyone must analyse their moments to avoid errors in the next match. The game with Metalist, of course, was difficult. After the sending off, we rallied together and scored the winning goal.