Viktor Kovalenko: We must avoid defensive errors against Real Madrid

On the eve of the first match of the Champions League group stage, the Pitmen’s midfielder granted an interview to the official website.

- Viktor, it will be a match with the giants of world football. Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale and others. Do those names press you psychologically?
- I think it is interesting for any player to play against the stars of this level. Shakhtar now have a chance not only to play but even beat them! We will try to show our best, making every effort to achieve a victory in this match-up.

- Will Shakhtar attack or look for a chance to hit the opponents on the break?
- Only Mister will decide how to play! We will know that before the game, and the Madrid side - during the match. Each team always have the same chances to score: the scoreline is 0-0. We are gearing up for an extremely hard match.

- The match with Shakhtar will be Real Madrid’s fourth official match of the season. Will this fact play into the hands of Shakhtar?
- We need to pay attention not to Real Madrid, but to ourselves. Moreover, everybody understands that it makes no difference whether this club plays the first game of the season or the last one. Madrid are always dangerous. Again, it will not be easy on Tuesday, but I am sure that Shakhtar have what it takes to beat the opponents.

- Before the match with Shakhtar, Real Madrid won 6-0 against Espanyol...
- It proves once again that we must avoid defensive errors in the game against Real Madrid. Either way, whether it is the Spanish or Ukrainian league, every team want to keep a clean sheet, and the Champions League, of course, is no exception either.

- After the match with Metalist, Mister said that his players got a proper workload on the eve of the Champions League tie. Do you feel that the Pitmen have gained optimal shape in anticipation of the Champions League?
- Only the coach knows better we are in the right condition or not. The only thing I can say about myself: I feel good, ready to fight to get a victory!