Marlos – the best in August

Traditionally, at the end of the month, FC Shakhtar official site determined the best player of the team.

The poll involved the Pitmen’s former players, sports journalists and visitors of the sites. We bring you the distribution of votes in each group.

Shakhtar’s former players:

Mykhailo Starostyak - Marlos
Oleg Matveev - Marlos
Yuriy Dudinskiy - Alex Teixeira
Igor Dybchenko - Alex Teixeira
Serhiy Kravchenko - Marlos
Yuriy Degterev - Marlos
Volodymyr Yezerskiy - Alex Teixeira
Igor Leonov - Yaroslav Rakytskyy
Valeriy Rudakov - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Virt - Marlos

Marlos - 5 points
Alex Teixeira - 4 points
Yaroslav Rakytskyy - 1 point

As for the visitors of the site, the poll involved 1,780 respondents. Third place went to Oleksandr Gladkyy140 (7.87%) fans voted for him. This result gives 2 points in the standings. 387 (21.74%) of the site users picked Alex Teixeira - 3 points. Marlos got the majority of votes - 413 (23.20%). The Brazilian received 5 points.

The best player of Shakhtar in August?
Marlos - 413 (23.20%)
Alex Teixeira - 387 (21.74%)
Olexandr Gladkiy - 140 (7.87%)
Total votes: 1780


Andriy Peti, site, project manager - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Gaponenko,, chief editor - Marlos
Andriy Malinovskiy, Futbol 1 and Futbol 2 commentator - Andriy Pyatov
Ruslan Mezhenskiy, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine newspaper, editor of sports department - Oleksandr Gladkyy
Valentin Tsimokh, Sport-Express in Ukraine newspaper, reporter - Marlos
Valeriy Prigornitskyy, Futbol magazine, journalist - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Tkach,, chief editor - Marlos
Kostyantyn Dultsev, National Radio Company of Ukraine, observer - Alex Teixeira
Serhiy Kolos, Sports-Arena newspaper, reporter - Alex Teixeira
Serhiy Bondarenko, Ukrainskyy Futbol newspaper, chief editor - Alex Teixeira

Alex Teixeira - 5 points;
Marlos - 3 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 1 point;
Oleksandr Gladkyy - 1 point.

Summing up the totals, Andriy Pyatov and Yaroslav Rakytskyy got 1 point, while Oleksandr Gladkyy - 3 votes. But the main battle for the title of the best in August was between two Brazilians. As a result, Alex Teixeira got 12 points and Marlos claimed 13 points. Thus, the Pitmen’s No 11 is the best player of August!