Taison: No one wins a match in advance

The Pitmen’s midfielder has shared his view on the upcoming Champions League game in Madrid.

- Taison, do you consider Real Madrid as the most serious opponents in the group? Would it be true to say that today they are the strongest opponents you have ever faced in your career?
 - Indeed, the current group is probably the most difficult one in the history of Shakhtar. Perhaps even the best one! Few teams play at the same level as Real Madrid. But we are focused on this match and have been preparing for it for a long time. If we work well on the pitch, we will succeed.

- What is the likelihood of Real Madrid underestimating Shakhtar?
- No. Still, we have played in the Champions League for a long time. Everyone knows Shakhtar. We can put on a fine performance in this competition.

- Could you describe your emotions when you learned the results of the draw?
 - For a moment, there was something of a surprise. We got Real Madrid and PSG. At that point, we realised we had never faced such tough opponents! But this is the Champions League, where only the best teams play. We must be prepared.

- Are you pressured by the name, history and squad of Real Madrid?
- I'm doing the best thing in the world - I play football! I think anyone wants to face such teams as Real Madrid. The only thing we need is to achieve a positive result in Spain. We will fight for it.

- Of course, it will be difficult. How would you assess the chances of success?
- It will be a good game. I would say that today's football is different from it was before. No one can win the match in advance. Both teams have equal chances.

- Mister says that it is unusual for Shakhtar to play defensive football, but the team will have to operate a lot against Real Madrid. Are you and the rest of the Brazilians ready to work in this regard to the maximum?
- Of course. When moving to Shakhtar, every Brazilian wants to play in the attack. But Mister has already taught us that we need defend too. So I have long accustomed to it and am ready to work in defence.

- Will the overwhelming win over Metalist cause emotional lift or will it relax?
- Ukrainian Premier League and Champions League are two completely different tournaments. They cannot be compared. Of course, it was a nice win before the meeting with Real Madrid. But this is history. We should not think about the past. We are gearing for Champions League game against Madrid!