Daniel Carvajal: We look forward to the game with Shakhtar

Along with Rafael Benitez, the pre-match press conference was attended by the Real Madrid defender.

- Daniel, did you start this season among substitution players? What do you think about the upcoming football year?
- I hope my team-mate will recover from his injury, I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best. I am sure we will work together to improve our performance. I also rely on the coach’s trust.

- You have won the last two games with a difference of 11 goals. What do you think about the current condition of your team and how ready are they for the Champions League campaign?
- I think we got off to a great start, although the opening matches were not completely successful. But gradually we grew up performance wise. We will try to turn in a great performance tomorrow and claim the first three points in the Champions League for our fans.

- Recently, Real Madrid have claimed their tenth Champions League title. It was a great joy for you. How do you feel now, before the competition kickoff?
- The Champions League is the most important club competition, and Real Madrid is the best club in my opinion. I believe that we must strive for new victories and showcase top-level football.

- Have you changed your game system defensive tactics wise?
- I think that Mr. Benitez did a great job with both our defence and offence. We played the first three meetings well enough, especially taking into account that our midfielders always dominate possession. I am sure that in the future we will earn many more points.

- How did Real’s tactics change with the arrival of the new head coach?
- Each mentor brings in his own ideas. We started working more with the ball, we perform more exercises aimed at boosting speed. Besides, we try to be a more cohesive team.

- What do you expect from tomorrow's match?
- We all look forward to the game with Shakhtar. It is very important to start well in the Champions League, especially when you start it with a home game in front of your native fans. We will try to produce some great football in the match against top opponents.

- Cristiano Ronaldo has scored five goals in the most recent match. There is a talk that Real Madrid’s opponents are very weak. What can you say about it?
- Everyone understands that winning the La Liga is very difficult. The Spanish league ranks among the best. We showcase top football, with Cristiano being one of the best footballers in the world. He proved that again in the last match.

- Real’s game has changed not only defensively, but also offensively. For example, Gareth Bale already operates in a slightly different role. How do you interact with Isco and Hames in this regard?
- It’s not that important whether Bale, Isco, Hames or Lucas plays. There is a full understanding between us. Most importantly, we should know our duties on the pitch and be very united. This is my third season at Real Madrid, and I can say that my teammates and I perfectly understand each other.