Andriy Vorobey: Spanish teams suit Shakhtar’s style of play

The Pitmen’s forward in 1997-2007 has shared his view on the game with Real Madrid.

- We have never faced the Madrid team. This is definitely one of the strongest teams in the Champions League. For me personally, scoreline is not so much important; it will be interesting to see the game itself. I want to see what Shakhtar are capable of in such games.

- What are the components of the game, except for defence, should be paid attention to show decent football in Madrid?
- Man marking, for example, will hardly help. The Spanish team fit Shakhtar in terms of style of play, the Pitmen can deal with them. They play in a similar way. For Shakhtar, it is harder to deal with German or Italian teams. I think Mircea Lucescu’s charges have to act like in the away match against Rapid: tactically competent, accurately, fighting for each ball.

- Does the game in defence have to be cautious? Set pieces taken by Ronaldo often result in goals.
- You don’t play with Real Madrid each day, for some, maybe, it will be their only game with the Madrid side in their career. So, the boys have to give their all. If they are concentrated, then Real Madrid may have problems.

- Will it especially difficult on the flanks? Fast and skilful Ronaldo and Bale operate there.
- It is difficult to find a team that would not play energetically through the flanks. Of course, the major threat will come from there, but wide defenders know it well and they will be ready.

- How, in your opinion, will attacking players perform, such as Teixeira, Taison?
- In Vienna, they were challenging for the ball in his own penalty area. So, the boys do not have problems in that regard. But I believe that they should play all the time in defence. These are the players who have the potential to deliver upfront. They need to look for space for counterattacks.

- How to gear up for Real Madrid, psychologically?
- The name of the opponents makes you concentrate on the opposition. Besides, Shakhtar have great experience of playing in the European competitions.