Shakhtar magazine: latest issue

Dear supporters, the latest issue of the club publication is out now.

Traditionally, the address to the fans by the club president Rinat Akhmetov opens the issue.

- Our team have presented a worthy gift to their countrymen to coincide with the Donetsk Day and the Miner's Day. For the sixth time in a row, Shakhtar have advanced to the Champions League group stage. My congratulations to all the fans. I want to thank the coaching staff and players. In the difficult conditions that our team currently find themselves in, this is a great achievement.

In the pages of this issue, you will find an exclusive interview with Eduardo, in which the Shakhtar forward recalled his departure from the team and shared his emotional experience after returning to his native club.

- In Brazil, I really experienced the good moments. After all, it’s my home country, the family is nearby. But then I got a phone call from Shakhtar, they asked me whether I wanted to come back here? I replied that I did want to do that, but that I had to serve another six months of the contract and that it’s difficult to say whether they would let me go or not ... In short, I decided to personally go to the management of Flamengo and explain the situation in a normal human way. I said that I had received an offer from Shakhtar, and that I would like to return there. Fortunately, everything was resolved, they let me go and here I am.

Igor Duljaj speaks about his new role - now he is the assistant head coach at Shakhtar U21 team.

- I still have to learn many things. Miguel told me: ‘Now you need to gain experience.’ That's exactly what I am doing. Being a player, I always valued the discipline and respect. These two things were, still are and will always be with me. Discipline is the number one point, without which nothing can be done neither in sports nor in life in general. Everything starts from it.

In his copyright material, the director of Futbol 1 and Futbol 2 TV channels Oleksandr Denysov speaks about the Champions League draw backstage. With Oleksandr Haponenko, the chief editor of website, the football agent Dmytro Selyuk and the honoured coach of Ukraine Serhiy Morozov discussing the Pitmen’s encounters with PSG, Real Madrid and Malmo.

From the Anthropology section you will learn that Aries and Sagittarius signs play for Shakhtar, with the players’ average age barely exceeding 25 ... The latest issue of the magazine is now available for download. Enjoy reading it!