Serhiy Kovalyov: We definitely have to win at home

Shakhtar U19 head coach has reflected on the game with Real Madrid.

- There is much serious work to be done during the training process. We had chances in the first and second halves. We did not convert them like Real Madrid players.

- We have seen a good ending of the first half. Why did such game not take place in the second half?
- We should take into account the fact that we gathered all the boys only in yesterday’s training, who played today. It is hard to work from scratch, especially since you face such teams as Real Madrid. Today, seven players made their debuts. Of course, the boys were a little nervous. But I'm pleased with many of them.

- Which of the players are you pleased with?
- No, I will not single anyone out, because I think that the whole team win and lose.

- What happened to Trescheyko?
- When rushing out of goal, he may have injured thigh adductors. He asked for a replacement, and we substituted him. Now doctor will tell us in detail what happened to the player.

- It was clear that Oleksandr Zubkov and Andriy Boyarchuk looked not very good in the game. Are pleased with the boys overall?
- Again, I do not want to single anyone out. Our main problem is the fact that the team are not streamlined. We will try to improve it during the training process.

- Do you have what it takes to beat Real Madrid at home?
- We will try. We definitely have to win at home.