Mircea Lucescu: Real Madrid don’t need any assistance from officials

Head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the match at the Santiago Bernabeu.

- It’s very difficult to comment on this game today. We might talk just about the opening thirty minutes. We had a good control of the ball, as well as the edge, we created chances before the episode, when Andriy Pyatov made an obvious error, making it 1-0 for Real Madrid. In the second half they sent off Stepanenko. Yesterday, at the press conference, I said that I wish only one thing: to be respected! Unfortunately, in matches against Europe’s top sides they officiate all the time not in our favour: versus Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern and so on. Collina, perhaps, must have given it a deep thought. As there are two manners of refereeing. To us, the lower level teams, the yellow card is shown straight away. While to the other, the top teams, the ref indicates that he makes the last warning. Plus the first penalty, which was nowhere near being the case! The ball hit Darijo’s back, without touching his hand. In the situation of awarding the second spot kick, Carvajal was the first to hand the ball, and only then Azevedo did it. So said the players of Real Madrid. A game of this level mustn’t be affected by officiating. As the stands exert pressure anyway. By and large, it must have been the supporters who showed to the spot. Later, of course, everything was just over and done with, Real Madrid found it easy to play on. It’s very disappointing that I have to give such a comment. I don’t want to do it. Real Madrid is a great club with good players. We decided to get the ball away from them, and we occasionally succeeded at that, playing pretty well on the counter ... My congratulations to our opponents today. Once again I regret to say that the officials team affected the game. That means disrespect to the players and to the work of the coaches who prepare them for the game. Real Madrid don’t need any such assistance. I remember that a few years ago, we had the same problem against Barcelona. We were leading 1-0, just a few minutes away from time. Showing our Fair Play attitude, we knocked the ball out of bounds, with them expected to give it back to us, everyone expected that. But the opponents never did it, taking a throw-in and scoring a goal against us. We lost back then. I want to once again repeat it: such clubs don’t need any refereeing assistance. But in general, I don’t even know what to say. Playing with ten men at this level, especially against Real Madrid, is really tough. Particularly when such things happen on the pitch ... Even answering the questions is pointless.