Humanitarian Centre distributed 4.5 million survival kits

4,500,485 adult survival kits have been distributed among Donbas residents by the Rinat Akhmetov Centre on both sides of the line of contact during a year of work. The Centre coordinator Rimma Fil has told about how and where to get aid:

- As of today, 17 September 2015, the Humanitarian Centre have distributed 4.5 million food kits and 328,000 children's kits for civilians on both sides of line of contact in Donbas. This is a huge figure; millions of lives have been saved. Millions of people would not have simply survived during economic blockade and hostilities this year. During the year, we have clearly observed all principles of international missions. For us, Donbas residents on both sides of the line of contact are equally important. We help those who live in Donetsk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, as well as those who have moved to much safer places because of the war.   

In total, Humanitarian Centre sent 99 convoys with aid – 3,067 heavy-duty trucks, which delivered 61,340 tons of food to the Centre’s distribution points in Donetsk and Mariupol to form survival kits.

The aid from the Centre was received in 221 settlements and 21 regions of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts – 100 stationary points of distribution. Also, 160 small settlements in 7 regions have been visited by mobile teams of volunteers. On the line of contact, these are Yasinovatskyi, Volnovakhskyi, Artyomovskyi, Dzerzhinskyi districts; in the uncontrolled territories - Amvrosievskyi, Telmanovskyi and Shakhtyorsky districts.

The demand for food aid from the mobile teams on the line of contact remains very high. Therefore, in September, it was decided to increase the number of survival kits sent there to 7,000.

In the uncontrolled territories, in Snezhnoye (Donetsk region), mobile volunteers have been working for the third week now in a mode of stationary point of distribution. 3,228 local civilians received aid there. In just 3 months, mobile teams distributed aid among more than 35,000 people on both sides of the line of contact.

- For Rinat Akhmetov, it is very important to help everyone who needs it. Mobile teams of volunteers help us a lot. From month to month, 500,000 civilians from Donbas representing the most disadvantaged groups receive aid from the Humanitarian Centre: the disabled, pensioners, children with disabilities, large families and others - added Rimma Fil.

In September 2015, the Rinat Akhmetov Centre has already sent 8 convoys of more than 2,000,000 tons of products to Donbas. Over 260,000 adult and children's survival kits will be formed of them. By the end of the month, further 170, 000 kits are scheduled to be delivered.