Shakhtar vs Stal: players’ view

After the win over Stal, players of the Donetsk team have shared their views on the game.

Eduardo, Shakhtar’s striker:

- Today I played as an attacking midfielder. This is not new for me. I have played in this position for many years, and everything worked well! And there was always understanding between me and Darijo; we have also played a lot of games together, including the national team of Croatia. Therefore we knew what to do. In the episode with the first goal Fred hit the ball – the ball took deflection off me and flew into the net. According to the rules, of course, I should have got on the scoresheet, but it was Fred. I am not concerned about it; the most important thing is that we won! Stal resembled Metalurh Donetsk a lot, especially in the second half, when they began to control the ball and could have scored. But for Sarnavskyy, things might have been different. I would also single out today’s performance by Dentinho. He was one of the best players on the field. He enlivened the game, held the ball up and helped us.

Yaroslav Rakytskyy, Shakhtar’s defender:

- We started the first half a bit nervously. Therefore, it is great that we managed to score quickly. The opponents also looked good, created chances and if it were not for confident game of Sarnavskyi, it would have been difficult for Shakhtar. I think in this match Bohdan showed a top performance today: one could recall a save at the end of the match when Vasin fired goal wards from the penalty area towards the top corner! I would also highlight Dentinho as a forward. He brilliantly works with the ball. I would say that we played in the second half against the background. But, thank God, we managed to score twice before the half break twice and get necessary three points.

Ivan Ordets, Shakhtar’s defender:

- It is still difficult to say whether I gained physical form or not: it was difficult to play in this heat. Of course, I feel tired - we need to recover and work on. Plus, Stal are a good team that showed decent football: we defended well, moved. The opponents were trying to put pressure, and in the last fifteen minutes they even had good chances. Stal feature experienced players, they have an excellent goalkeeper who plays well with feet, they have aggressive youngsters: the same could be said about Kulach, Babenko in the centre. But we looked well, though the squad was a bit experimental – Mister gave many players to relax, while others, on the contrary, had an opportunity to prove themselves. I would also highlight Dentinho, who played great as a forward: he fought for the ball, burst into the area, ran forward, opened up. I would congratulate everyone on  the victory!