U19. Shakhtar 8-1 Chornomorets

In a match of the 8th round of the Ukrainian U19 Championship, Shakhtar faced Chornomorets.

U19 Championship. 8th round. September 20, 2015. Schaslyve. Knyazha Arena. 29C

Shakhtar U19 (Donetsk) - Chornomorets U19 (Odesa) - 8:1 (3:0)

Goals: 1:0 Topalov (8), 2:0 Semenikhin (13), 3:0 Avagimyan (45+1), 3:1 Jedinak (66), 4:1 Bykov (68), 5:1 Bykov (75 ), 6:1 Senitskyi (78), 7:1 Tkachuk (81) 8:1 Avagimyan (83)

Shakhtar: Romanov, Yakovets, Semenikhin, Shevchenko, Putrya, Chekh, Glagola, Pikhalyonok (c), (Bykov, 58), Sukhaninskyi (Tkachuk, 68), Topalov (Senitskyi, 76), Avagimyan

Substitutes: Dubrovin, Chagovets, Porodko, Prodanov

Head coach: Serhiy Kovalyov
Coaches: Gennadiy Orbu, Oleksandr Kupalnyi

Chornomorets: Tyurin, Gabatel, Yedinak, Barskyi, Baboglo, Varenyk (c), Tishkul, Buryachenko, (Grancharov, 62), Musolitin (Shtogrin, 67), Markov (Slastinov 70), Zakharchenko

Substitutes: Makarchuk, Kozachek

Head coach: Oleksandr Spitsyn

Referee: Vladislav Dorosh (Kyiv)

Booked: Yedinak (15), Shevchenko (17), Barskyi (40), Tishkul (42), Varenik (58), Semenikhin (75), Slastinov (76)

Before match

Serhiy Kovalyov’s charges got all the points this season in the home matches and are sitting in the top half of the table with ten points. On Matchday 8, the Pitmen entertained Chornomorets, who after failing the start of the season (three losses in three opening matches) have gradually found their game, and now have two wins and the eleventh position in the U19 Championship.

First half

The Pitmen took control of the game straight from the start, taking the game to the opponents’ half and quickly open the scoring. On 8 minutes, Ilya Putrya fed Dmytro Topalov, and the midfielder fired a shot towards the bottom corner of the net to make 1-0.  Serhiy Kovalyov’s charges soon extended their lead. Oleksandr Glagola delivered a cross from a corner, and centre defender Ivan Semenikhin headed the ball into the roof of the net to make it 2-0. The Pitmen kept piling on pressure and created a few more goal scoring opportunities. However, the Pitmen managed to score third goal only in the stoppage time. Topalov fired a shot from the edge of the penalty area, the goalkeeper parried the ball straight to Arthur Avagimyan, who made it 3-0.

Second half

After the break, Chornomorets tried to attack in numbers and managed to pull one goal back. The opposition defender Nazar Yedinak slotted the ball in at the far post. But Shakhtar restored status quo: Vladislav Buhay, who came on as a sub, played successfully on the rebound to make it 4-1. And after seven minutes, Buhay sealed his brace. After that, the Pitmen were unstoppable. On 7 minutes, Yuriy Senitskyi darted into the penalty area to score fifth goal. After three minutes, Putrya made a pass into the penalty area for Orest Tkachuk to score an easy finish. On 83 minutes, Arthur Avagimyan wrapped the game up, seizing on a cross from Glagola to make it 8-1.

After the win over Chornomorets, Shakhtar U19 got 13 points, and on 27 September they will play an away game with Karpaty Lviv.

Serhiy Kovalyov, Shakhtar U19 head coach:

- We did not expect to win with such a scoreline. We motivated the boys for a very difficult game, especially in such hot weather. Our coaching staff watched the game of Chornomorets against Dynamo Kyiv. We were ready that the Odesa team would perform great in defence and in a well-disciplined manner. We wanted to rehearse after the defeat at the hands of Real Madrid. It is necessary to improve the situation in the domestic league. We are glad that our boys followed the instructions. During the break, the team were asked to play as in the first half. That is, to close the opponents down in the half of the pitch, try to win the ball. But perhaps some youthful psychology does not allow to implement all the ideas that we want. When we were 3-0 up, our players apparently thought that the second half would be easy too. But the opponents began to close us down in our half of the pitch. During the first 10-12 minutes after the break we did not control the ball, there were a lot errors while passing the ball. As a result, we conceded a goal. However, then we managed to take control of the game again. A major contribution into the win was made not only by those who were in the starting lineup, but also by the players, who came on subs. I would like to see such a cohesive team as today in the next matches too. We do not divide boys into first choice and second choice. Before each game we say that our team are united. This was proved by the guys who came on as subs. All of them scored goals, stepped up the game that should please the coaching staff. I hope this victory will cheer the team up because there were setbacks in the UEFA Youth League and the domestic league. We will make every effort, especially since our next opponents are Karpaty Lviv. They have always been known for their character and mettle. It will be very hard. There is much work to do to achieve maximum results in the upcoming match. 

Volodymyr Yakimets, Shakhtar U19 midfielder:

- The team pulled themselves together after the defeat at the hands of Real Madrid. They showed a good game today, imposed their game on the opponents. We converted almost all the chances we had. We always try to dominate; moreover, we were the hosts. The coach tells us to control the ball in the opponent's half, make quick transitions from defence to attack. I joined attacks when needed, when I saw that our wide attacker is drifting towards the centre. I think that after the Odesa team scored a goal, they felt that they could net a few more goals. We calmed down and then acted according to the result. In general, the mood in the team is good. Still, we won with a big score, and we showed a quality game, not taking into account the first ten minutes of the second half.

Ilya Putrya, Shakhtar U19 defender:

- We thought that Chornomorets would operate in defence, sitting in their own half of the pitch. And they ran forward, providing space for us to exploit. We succeeded in everything, and could have scored more goals. The result is fair. We scored an early goal, it really helped us; the opponents immediately began to play more open football, giving us space. As a result, it became easier for us. Today I made a goal assist - I don’t do it often, because I operate in the position of the wide defender. But in this game I spent a lot of time on the half of Chornomorets’ pitch as our coach instructed me to join the attacks. At half-time, our coach told us not to stop, that we have to attack, and if there is a chance, we must score. And so it happened. This victory was very helpful psychologically after the defeat at the hands of Real Madrid with a big score. I think the team morale will rise.