Bohdan Sarnavskyy: My job is to show a quality game

On the eve of the Cup match against FC Ternopil, the Pitmen’s goalkeeper granted an interview to the official website.

- Bohdan, what game do you expect from an opponent?
- Most likely, the opponents will play a defensive football, sit deep and wait for their chance. We will study the opponents during a theory session and then we will know what to expect from Ternopil.

- You have appeared on the field lately. How does it feel?
- My job is to show a decent game. Of course, I want to show my best side, so I will do my best to prove that I can become the first-choice goalkeeper.

- What have your teammates said after your successful performances?
- There is normal working environment: they just congratulated and that was it. Nothing extraordinary happened.

- Let's go back to Ternopil. You are saying that your opponents will likely sit in defence, that is, the goalkeeper shouldn’t have a lot of work, should he?
- It is on paper. Of course, the opponents will counterattack. In any case, we need to keep our eyes open.

- Were you very nervous in the first matches?
- Not that much. I spent almost all the time with the team, so there wasn’t nervousness. All of us respect and understand each other.

- What is it like to play with such a busy schedule?
- Fine! It is better to play than train. I like it!