Dentinho: We have a lot of players who want to prove themselves

Shakhtar’s midfielder has reflected on the upcoming game of the Ukrainian Cup.

- Dentinho, what game are you expecting from Ternopil, given that the locals will drive the home team forward?
- It will be quite a tough match. They will play with Shakhtar – everyone is well aware that every team want to shine in such games, showing all they can. For our part, we must be prepared for this and must show good football.

- The game can be rough...
- By and large, our team are ready for anything! Shakhtar’s players are skilled enough to adapt to any type of game: aggressive and more cautious.

- After the match with Stal, Mircea Lucescu said that the players were tired. Do you have time to recover for the Cup game? How to maintain the desired condition to the next match?
- Our team are ready because Mister rotates players. Those fatigued had the opportunity to relax a bit. For any player, there is enough time to recover. I think in the next match it will be the same. So, we are for this game.

- In the last game you played as a striker. Is it a new role for you or not?
- Frankly, I prefer to play in my natural position, but it is a matter of habit. And if there is a need for me to play in a different position, of course, I will play there.

- For players of Ternopil the game with Shakhtar will be the opportunity to prove themselves. That is, the team will be extremely motivated. Is it not a problem for Shakhtar?
- As I said, all the clubs that play against us are very motivated and prepared. We, in turn, are focused and concentrated. So, I hope that we will have a good game and win.

- Ternopil’s head coach has said that this match will be a “game of the year” for his team...
- When playing against us, every Ukrainian team want to show their best qualities. And it is absolutely not a secret. But we also have many good players, who are motivated and want to prove themselves. I think we can show a good game.