Mircea Lucescu: I'm happy with young players’ performance

Press conference by Shakhtar head coach after defeating Ternopil.

- When the game is played in such an atmosphere, the score is not that important. I would note how the fans supported their players until the end of the match. Even losing 0-5, they cheered the players up! So first of all, I would like to congratulate the organizers of today's match. I was very pleased to be present at the cup match in such an atmosphere. Recalling how many spectators attended the recent league games, today I want to congratulate everyone on the fact that the stands were full. Of course, the result corresponds to the major advantage we enjoyed. The hosts performed well in the first half: they were very compactly placed on the pitch, playing in an orderly fashion. But unfortunately, they survived only the first half of the match. Ternopil played very tightly against our players - nearly one on one. Naturally, playing like that, they lost much power, lacking it for the second half. At half-time I told my players: “It’s likely that the opponents will not be able to withstand it for 90 minutes, so be ready to make use of the open spaces to appear in their defence.” I’m happy with the performance of the young guys we brought with us for today's match. Four of them played in the UEFA Youth League final last year: Kovalenko, Matviyenko, Zubkov and Boryachuk. Plus Korobenko, who also appeared today – a very young, eighteen-year-old guy. I am pleased with their performance in the match! In general, I am very happy to be back to this city. Why wouldn’t we play our second cup game here as well? We’ll think it over.

- The president of FC Ternopil and the city mayor Serhiy Nadal offered you to come here and play the games here in the future. How serious is that offer for you?
- Both the city mayor and I are serious people. We will discuss this issue and take a decision.