U21. Olimpik vs Shakhtar: players’ view

After the match, Shakhtar U21 players have shared their views.

Taras Kacharaba, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- It was my first game of the season, and I am grateful to Miguel Cardoso for fielding me. The match was quite difficult, considering artificial turf. It was unusual, because we train on the grass. After 60 minutes, we felt fatigue, but we still won, which is great. The opponents did not really create anything in the first half, before the break we should have wrapped the game up. And then we relaxed a bit, slowed down, allowing Olimpik to feel confident, which resulted in our conceding goal... On the whole, we fulfilled the coaching instructions; you could say that our level brought the game to a win. Of course, we are pleased with the result. We are happy for Andriy Boyarchuk, who continues to score, we want him to set the top scoring record - why not?!

Vladyslav Bugay, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- I operated as a right midfielder – I had not played for two years as a wide player. In the last session, the coaches prepared me for this position. They explained what I had to do on the field, when to play wide, and vice versa, dart into in the opponent's defense. I cannot say how I got on, but I tried to follow instructions. Frankly, I am not satisfied with my actions: I wanted to play more in the final third, make more crosses. Perhaps, I did not open up well. But I was involved in the episode with our first goal to some extent, and I hope I did well in the new place for me.

Dmytro Topalov, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- It was hard to come on as a sub: the game was intense with the opponents piling on pressure. Very soon I felt short of energy, but after ten minutes everything went back to normal. I was not nervous, because I had already played in the matches for the U21 side. There's more responsibility than in the games for the U19 side. This time, it was necessary to in a somewhat unusual manner, because normally I play in the attacking third - on the right or in the center, and today I had to work a lot for defense, and on the left. The coach asked to play strictly in my position and not be afraid to dribble. I hope that I helped the team with at least two free kicks in the opponent's half.