Ivan Ordets: Olimpik will try to prove they’re as good as us

Shakhtar’s defender has reflected on the upcoming game in the Ukrainian league.

- We have already analysed the opponents; they are not an easy team. I would not say that they looked inferior to the opponents in the last three matches in spite of their defeat. Roman Sanjar’s charges come out of defence well; their passing is good. The boys always show their character on the field. But we definitely need to win in order to prepare for a meeting with PSG with positive emotions.

- Olimpik have nothing to lose, they will fight to the end...
- It's a young team. Players of Olimpik will clearly try to prove that they’re as good as us. Moreover, the match will take place in Kyiv, there is a lot of Donetsk fans now – there will be a good support from the crowd. We cannot feel complacent ahead of the Champions League! It is important to take three points in the championship while showing good football.

- Will you carry over the spirit from the Ternopil clash to the upcoming fixture?
- We are Shakhtar! We have a good team, everyone recovers quickly. Plus Mister will certainly make some substitutions in comparison with the game in the Ukrainian Cup. In this regard, there are no problems.

- Is it more comfortable for you to play in a 2-match weekly rhythm than once every 7 days? Or is it more difficult?
- It is comfortable! When a football player is on form, he gives his all on the pitch, and recovers quickly and plays in the next match full of energy.

- After the match with Dnipro, Roman Sanjar stated that he did not like the way his players finished their own attacks and how the wide players performed. Will the situation change in the game with Shakhtar?
- It is hard to say. I think they have made some conclusions, and will go into the game in a different state. In a match with Dnipro, Olimpik mad a lot of crosses, but Boyko confidently played when rushing out. In this case, the opponents will deploy short passing - this is my personal opinion.