U19. Shakhtar vs PSG: players’ expectations

On Wednesday, September 30th, players of Shakhtar U19 will play the Matchday 2 game of the UEFA Youth League. Players have shared their expectations of the meeting with PSG.

Yuriy Senitskiy, Shakhtar U19 midfielder:

- We are a little surprised by the result of the game between PSG and Malmo in the first round. Still, the French team are more eminent, but the Swedes managed to take points. As of now, we haven’t analysed the match during theory sessions, but we do it in the near future. I know that the players of PSG are good physically, they possess good anthropometric attributes. So, we will have to fight in every area of ​​the field. We will try not to allow the opponents to show their best qualities and achieve positive results.

Volodymyr Yakimets, Shakhtar U19 midfielder:

- It will be a very important game. We need to pull ourselves together after the recent setbacks, focus and beat PSG. PSG are strong in attack, they make quick transitions from defence. I think they want to dominate proceedings, even though it will be an away match for them. In turn, we are not going to give the initiative away to the opponents. So personally I expect open football.