Marlos: PSG game hardly has any weaknesses

The Pitmen’s midfielder has granted an interview to the official website.

- Marlos, the team played a very intense match with Olimpik. Do you feel that you spent more energy than expected? Do you have time to recover for the game with PSG?
- Yes, the previous match brought us some difficulties. During the first half we were down to ten men. In addition, I would note short pitch and that its condition was not very good. In fact, we thought that the game would be be easier, but from the start it all went wrong... But the difficulties make us stronger. Now our team are extremely motivated! We want to show what real Shakhtar. We have enough energy. We are ready for the match with PSG!

- What is the main difference between PSG’s football and that of Real Madrid? Accordingly, what will make the upcoming game special?
- These are two super clubs that have invested a lot in players. They prove themselves on a global level. I believe that these teams are about the same level. At the start of the match, PSG play very tight in defence - in particular, they have two great Brazilians playing there. We already know that! In addition, they have very technical attacking players. In general, PSG’s game hardly have any weaknesses.

- PSG have a lot star players. But can you name their most dangerous player? Ibrahimovic?
- Zlatan is a player who needs no introduction, he is one of the five best players in the world. One has to work hard when playing against him.

- On the eve of the match with Real Madrid everyone mentioned pressure of the names and the team’s stature. Is there such a feeling before the game with PSG?
- We need only a victory in this game. There is no name pressure of the names, no fear! Yes, PSG are extremely good team, but we have to prove ourselves! Moreover, we play at home, in front of our fans.

- How should Shakhtar play in order to win?
- As we always play! For example, the match against Fenerbahce - an incredibly aggressive team.  We eventually managed to get to the group stage. I think we need to play against PSG as we did against the Turkish side.