Serhiy Yaschenko: Shakhtar will display their best qualities in PSG tie

Shakhtar’s midfielder of the 1980-1990ies has reflected on the Pitmen’s upcoming game with PSG in the Champions League.

- After a bad match in Madrid, the Pitmen will try to make up for that result. I believe that this time Mircea Lucescu’s charges will play better and show their best qualities, especially in terms of conversion of chances. Real Madrid are a very strong team, but even despite of that the Pitmen created enough chances to score. The only thing that was lacking was accuracy and maybe some luck. Therefore, I think the Pitmen that will have a lot of chances, some of them will be converted through a factor of home field. So, the game will be completely different, even more interesting.

- Are there favourites in this game?
- You can say that the French side have a lot of high quality players. But the Pitmen also have great experience of playing in the Champions League. In addition, Shakhtar are motivated to make up for the first round result. In my opinion, the Ukrainian team have a slight advantage.

- One of the strongest pairs of central defenders – Thiago Silva and David Luiz – play for PSG...
- Real Madrid have also have the best players from around the world, including defensive ones. Nevertheless, our attack created dangerous chances against Real Madrid. If the Pitmen operate in front in a relaxed and open manner, even this defence will not be able to do its job flawlessly.

- At the same time we should not forget the role of Ibrahimovic at PSG, who is known for his athletic attributes. Can our defence cope with him?
- I would say that Zlatan is not at the peak of his career. Yes, he is an experienced player, but if the Donetsk team neutralise him, there should not be problems. They studied PSG, including Ibrahimovic, so they must know and understand his style of play.

- Can Arena Lviv ensure that the Pitmen have psychological advantage, in your opinion?
- Of course. Support has always been great there – both for our team and the national side. Tandem of fans and the team will bring a certain result.