Maxwell: We‘re preparing for strong performance from Shakhtar

PSG defender has answered questions from media representatives during the press conference on the eve of the match against Donetsk team.

- Maxwell, will tomorrow's match against Shakhtar allow PSG to get necessary advantage to advance from the group? What are the chances?
- Yes, indeed, this game is quite important. We will play to claim three points, but maybe not everything will be decided tomorrow, because we will also play other games that are equally important. And on Wednesday, we will see on the field.

- You are an experienced player. How do you assess the state of the team, based on the latest matches played?
- We came here in good condition. The number of points we got in the French league allows us to feel comfortable. We cannot say that we are in excellent condition, but our level is good enough to show a decent performance. And given the experience, I hope we will put on a fine display.

- How would you assess your condition, given that you were injured? One of the players on the team, when he was injured, did not want to answer questions in French during a press conference, he spoke in English, grumbled a little, was unhappy. What do you make of it?
- Of course, you're talking about Ibrahimovic, right? But you see, he is a very professional player. Yes, he was injured, but in recent games he has constantly took to the field, he has scored a few goals. Sometime I find such questions ridiculous.

- Thiago Silva says that PSG are the best team for which he has ever played. Would you say the same?
- I agree with the words of Thiago Silva! Even though I was playing for a team like Barcelona. We had a cohesive team. PSG are new team, with new players who have almost the same qualities on the field and in life. I can say only positive words.

- We have seen PSG in different competitions: in the Champions League matches and in the French league fixtures. Why are the team showing a different game in these tournaments? Because of the difference in the preparation?
- With regard to the preparations for the match, it is always the same. The thing is that the domestic league is long, so there are ups and downs. However, each player tries to give his best in any every match. For me personally, there is no difference, and I think we look more or less good in all these tournaments.

- As a defender, do you expect a lot of work for PSG’s defence in tomorrow’s game?
- Naturally, we are preparing for a strong game from Shakhtar. They are a strong team! We will try to play in a proper manner in the defence, but also seize on our chances in attack. Of course, we expect a hard and intense match-up. If we can win and get the much needed points, we will be happy.

- Maxwell, two wins in a row in the domestic championship, of course, significantly raise your morale. But it will be your third game in almost a week. Do you feel fatigue?
- I do not think that we will feel tired against Shakhtar. Because we are used to this rhythm: two or three games a week. Though, we understand that this will be a very difficult match. We will try to show our best qualities. We feel neither moral nor physical fatigue.

- It is clear that you thoroughly analysed Shakhtar’s game. Who, in your opinion, is the most dangerous player at Shakhtar?
- Yes, we have analysed Shakhtar’s game in detail. We know how strong opponents are offensively. I would not single anyone out, because all Shakhtar’s attacking players are very strong. We will try to play well in defence, and show football, which is inherent to our club.