Alex Teixeira: It'll be interesting to face PSG’s Brazilians on the pitch

At a pre-match press conference ahead of the clash with PSG, the Brazilian midfielder has answered questions from media representatives.

- Alex, how are the team preparing for the match?What are your expectations?
- We are ready for this game. The last three days have seen us put much emphasis on PSG; we have studied the opponents.

- How do you manage to organise yourselves playing away from your hometown?
- We have already adapted to this. We have been away from our home for more than a year because of the situation. In this case, the most important thing is the adaptation. And we are preparing for the match, as before.

- Many footballers from Brazil national team are part of PSG. Will you have a special motivation to test yourself in the game against them?
- The matches with top European clubs are always important for us! And, of course, it is interesting to meet with my Brazilian collegues from different clubs.

- What is it like for you to play against the top players of PSG, such as Ibrahimovic, for example?
- We are prepared, and, of course, it would be great to play against such good players. Our team are ready.

- Alex, every year your role in the team is becoming more important. Now you are not only the orchestrator of the game in the midfield, but also the top scorer. Does it motivate, inspire you?Or, on the contrary, does responsibility weigh?
- I am one hundred per cent motivated in every game. And not only me but the whole team. Because it is necessary to maintain the level at which we are at, and raise it even higher.

- There is a particular trend regarding Brazilian players... Is it difficult or easy for a Brazilian player to adapt to a different league, environment?
- As for me, in the beginning it was very hard to adapt. Because I came from a hot country where it is always summer. I came to Ukraine, where the weather is cold. It is quite unusual. But now, thank God, I am used to it, I can play and help the team in everything.

Immediately after that, Shakhtar’s head coach Mircea Lucescu took the floor, expressing his opinion on the Brazilian players.

- It is not just a question of adaptation. They came to play in a new country, being very young players - at the age of 18-19. They need time to change the lifestyle and their mindset to adapt to different circumstances and the championship. In particular, I'm talking about Shakhtar Donetsk, where young players are coming to. In other clubs, it so happens that the young Brazilian player returns home after a few months, and the team sign more experienced players. At Shakhtar, players are growing along with the club. They gain experience and become top players.