U19. Shakhtar vs PSG: players’ reaction

The Pitmen reflect on the match against the French side.

Oleksandr Zubkov, Shakhtar U19 forward:

- The French have always been athletic, while in our team most of the boys are short. However, it made playing PSG easier. I think, Shakhtar have created a sufficient number of scoring chances, but to claim victories we just need to convert them and not to concede any goals. Today, we just didn’t have enough composure. They always task us with one thing – winning every game. So we will see the chances of our team to reach the knockout stage at the end of the group stage.

Mykyta Romanov, Shakhtar U19 goalkeeper:

- I knew in advance that I would take part in this match, so I was preparing. We were confronted by a good, fast team, and at the same time they have powerful, tall players. But we also created chances, we managed to score one goal, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. I rescued them a couple of times, but that’s no excuse for the errors I made resulting in the four goals. When the spot kick was taken, I was jumping at random. In the second case, I decided not to change the corner, so I managed to clear the goal. Now we will make analysis of the match. We will review, analyze it and correct our errors.