Paulo Fonseca: We still have hope

Thursday, April 7, 2016



The press conference by Braga mentor in the wake of the game vs Shakhtar

- Everything was decided this evening or not?
- No, nothing decided yet. Indeed, it will be harder to win for us now. But we still hope that we will manage to score two goals in Ukraine. We must believe and not give up.

- Could Braga have done better today? And the second thing: the match will be held in Lviv, not in Donetsk. Could this affect the outcome in a way?
- Braga operated effectively, somewhat better offensively than Shakhtar. Only at the end of the first half we let the opponents approach our goal and they scored one. It was a big game. We were better in some respects, continuously charging forward. This result is somewhat unfair in relation to Braga, because we played well.

- Braga conceded five goals by Benfica before playing Shakhtar. How can it affect the future games?
- I would have been concerned had the team played really bad. Again, today we played a good game, remaining faithful to our tactics. Therefore, the previous result will not affect us in the future.
- Who do you consider Shakhtar’s best player?
- I cannot highlight any one player. Shakhtar area quality team, everyone played very well. Srna, Marlos, Taison, Ferreyra, Stepanenko, Malyshev... All great players.

- The president of Porto said that Josué is back to Braga after being loaned out. Do you already know about it?
- It's a surprise for me. I didn’t know that, but, in principle, his return is predictable.