Alex Teixeira: I will always remember how full our home stadium was!

Currently the former midfielder of Shakhtar has come to Spain to say goodbye to his teammates. Before heading to China, Alex Teixeira gave an interview to the official website of Shakhtar.

- Alex, what emotions are you experiencing?
- To be honest, it all happened so fast that I haven’t even had time to fully realize it. Of course, I'm sad because of leaving in Ukraine many friends and the people I know. I will be missing them a lot.

- You’ve spent six years with the team. What are your most vivid memories?
- I experienced many happy moments at Shakhtar. I won various trophies and people’s respect alike. Now I'm ready to move to the new goals and discoveries in my life. Maybe someday I will come back, as no one knows their destiny.

- How did you move happen?
- It all happened very quickly, in just a twinkling. I was at the airport, going to the Pitmen’s training camp venue. And my agent phoned me up. He said that Shakhtar had received a 50 million offer. I immediately wondered whether it would be good for me, my family, the club, and took the appropriate decision. In actual fact, I could even not come to Spain, but I wanted to see the people I really love and who love me. Just came to say goodbye as a regular man.

- Do you regret that you won’t be able to break the records at Shakhtar?
- I wanted to make it to the English Premier League one day. But until now, all my thoughts have been focused on Shakhtar. As I said, everything happens so fast that I don’t even have time to realize it.

- Did you take the decision to leave easily?
- Despite the fact that it all took place at a lightning speed, I would not say that it was very easy. I just had to respond quickly. But leaving the people with whom I have worked for so many years and who helped me grow, with whom I made friends is, of course, difficult. Thus is still on my mind.

- What will you regret the most having left Shakhtar?
- I think every Shakhtar player wants to win the Champions League with the team. Unfortunately, I will not be able to win with the Pitmen what we have been striving to win all this time.

- You are moving to the Chinese league. What are your current ambitions?
- My main objective is to remain the same man that I was at Shakhtar, especially lately. To help my team claim victories, lead them to the top level, to be a champion and top scorer.

- Have you had a word with Ramirez?
- No. We have not talked yet. I can’t say that he is my friend yet, - he hasn’t become the one yet. We haven’t even exchanged any messages. I checked out the city and the location I am moving to on the Internet.

- Shakhtar have visited Brazil and the US. China might well be the next country ...
- It will be a great honour for me to receive you there! I will be just happy to once again see you all togehter.

- What was the other Brazilians’ attitude and that of your other teammates to the transfer news?
- Some got upset due to the fact that I'm leaving. Some continue to be happy for me. But most importantly, everyone wished me every success in the future endeavours.

- You have repeatedly said that you would move to a European top club in order to have bigger chances of making it to the Selecao. But then you picked Jiangsu Suning. Is the Chinese league so popular in Brazil?
- Let's put it like this: everyone always knew that I wanted to stay in Europe and move to the English Premier League club. But, unfortunately, all the proposals that came from them, were somewhat windy and did not contain anything concrete. Now I have received a serious offer from China. Of course, I’m moving there. At this stage, Brazil national team will move away from me a little further. But let's see what happens in the future!

- Who influenced your decision? Who did you consult with?
- My family, the closest people. I consulted with my wife the most. She supported my decision. However, regardless of whether I would accept the proposal or not, she would have always been with me. I'm happy with that.

- Did you have a conversation with the president and Mister?
- I spoke with Mister here, in Spain. We exchanged kind words, he wished me success and said it is a good move for me. This is important to make such decisions. I am sure all will be fine! With the president, unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to talk. But I think we'll still talk to him. In Russian!

- What would you like to wish to the supporters and your fans?
- Most importantly, I wholeheartedly want to thank the fans of Shakhtar for all the things that they have experienced together with me: both when I was at my best lately and when I was at the very start, just being a fresh team rookie. When I wasn’t successful, they still supported me, giving me strength. Let them know that they will always remain in my heart. I will remember how full our home stadium was! Believe me, I will be missing Shakhtar fans.


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