Giorgi Arabidze: Loko’s style of play akin to that of Shakhtar

On February 8, the Pitmen will play a friendly match with Lokomotiv Tbilisi. On the eve of the game, the former player of the Georgian team, Shakhtar’s striker Giorgi Arabidze, has granted an interview to the club’s site.

- Giorgi, what can you say about today’s Lokomotiv Tbilisi?
- Now the team play in the top flight. Its squad has been significantly strengthened by experienced players. I will single out my friend, a centre back Nika Chanturia, who moved from Dinamo Tbilisi. Of those with whom I played, I can note a striker Mamiya Gavashelishvili - in the last season he scored more than 40 goals, playing in the second-flight division! In general, Lokomotiv are ​​one of the youngest teams in the Georgian league.

- Could you compare the styles of Shakhtar and Lokomotiv?
- Loko play flowing and combinational football. They attack more through the middle. Their style of play is similar to that of Shakhtar, but the Pitmen are more effective on the flanks.

- Lokomotiv are your first team. In fact, it is the first time when you will have an opportunity to play against your former teammates. What feelings do you experience in such moments?
- Of course, I always remember my first professional team with warm feelings. I respect everyone. I really wanted to take part in this match, but unfortunately, due to injury, I won’t be able to take to the field: the past few days I have been recovering and doing fitness exercises. I hope to return to full training as soon as possible.