Viktor Kovalenko - the best in January

The official website of Shakhtar picked the best player of Shakhtar in January.

Traditionally, 10 former Shakhtar players, the same number of representatives of the media and visitors of the official site picked the best player. For every vote from former players and journalists, a player receives 1 point, for third place in the poll on the site - 2 points, for the second and first - 3 and 5, respectively. Below are the results of voting in each group.

Former Shakhtar players

Serhiy Atelkin - Viktor Kovalenko
Alexander Babi - Viktor Kovalenko
Alex Baharev - Darijo Srna
Yuri Belichenko - Viktor Kovalenko
Yuri Gulyaev - Viktor Kovalenko
Yuri Degterev - Viktor Kovalenko
Igor Dybchenko - Viktor Kovalenko
Alexander Koval - Viktor Kovalenko
Igor Leonov - Darijo Srna
Oleg Matveev - Viktor Kovalenko

Viktor Kovalenko - 8 points
Darijo Srna - 2 points

As for the visitors, a total of 1636 people participated in the poll. Third place went to Alex Teixeira. For ex-Pitman 116 (7.09%) fans voted. This result gives 2 points in the standings. 424 (25.92%) chose Giorgi Arabidze - 3 points. And in the first place went to Viktor Kovalenko - 582 (35.57%) votes, and 5 points for the young midfielder.

Best player of Shakhtar in January:
Viktor Kovalenko - 582 (35.57%)
Giorgi Arabidze - 424 (25.92%)
Alex Teixeira - 116 (7.09%)
Total votes: 1636


Andriy Peti, "Terrikon" project manager - Viktor Kovalenko
Eduard Kiselyov, "Sport-Arena", the chief editor - Marlos
Oleksandr Gaponenko, chief editor - Viktor Kovalenko
Serhiy Bondarenko, “Ukrainian Football", chief editor - Viktor Kovalenko
Victor Ignatov, "Terrikon", columnist - Viktor Kovalenko
Dmytro Kushnir, "Sport-Arena", columnist - Viktor Kovalenko
Edward Kinzersky, "Segodnya", columnist - Viktor Kovalenko
Valentin Tsimoh,"Sport-Express in Ukraine ", correspondent - Viktor Kovalenko
Pavlo Bulakh,, chief editor - Darijo Srna
Viktor Sokolov, "Football" channel - Viktor Kovalenko

Viktor Kovalenko - 8 points
Darijo Srna - 1 point
Marloes - 1 point

So, total results of votes from former players, fans and journalists:

Viktor Kovalenko - 21 points
Darijo Srna - 3 points
Giorgi Arabidze - 3 points
Alex Teixeira - 2 points
Marlos - 1 point

Victor Kovalenko has won with solid advantage. Congratulations!