Roman Neustadter: Belhanda has told us a lot about Shakhtar

Schalke’s player has answered journalists' questions at the pre-match press conference.

- Roman, you have received an offer to play for the national team of Russia. We also know that you were thinking about playing for the Ukraine national team. With what feelings will you take to the pitch tomorrow in Lviv?
- Yes, I have received an offer from Russia, but now I cannot say anything specific about that, I’m still thinking about it. Indeed, there have been talks about the possibility of playing for Ukraine, but they have not been formal. Anyway, tomorrow's game is very important.

- How well does Younes Belhanda, who has moved from Dynamo Kyiv, play at Schalke? How is he motivating Schalke for the game with Shakhtar, given that matches with the Donetsk club have been the most significant for him?
- Younes has told us a lot about Shakhtar, about his games against Shakhtar. He has said that our tomorrow’s opponents play very open, aggressive football, with trying to spend more time in the attacking third. Belhanda has actually helped us with his advices. As for his game for Schalke, he plays very well, in particular, on the left flank. And, as our coach has said, Younes can beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation.