Oleg Matveev: We’ll see a lot of fast attacks from Shakhtar

Shakhtar’s forward of the 1990s has shared his opinion about the upcoming game with Schalke.

- Surely the game will be spectacular. The Donetsk team will have to get a positive result in front of their fans. In Lviv, it is desirable to win by a two-goal margin, without conceding. So the team should be focused and composed.

- Whom do you consider the favourites in this game?
- It is difficult to say definitely. Shakhtar have more fast players, and the advantage of Schalke lies in the fact that they have already played a few league matches this year.

- How much will the absence of injured Azevedo, Bernard and Dentinho affect the game?
- First, we do not see them so often in the first team. Besides, Shakhtar have a long subs’ bench, there won’t be problems with the replacement of these players. I am sure we will see a lot of fast attacks from the Pitmen – their traditional style of play.

- What kind of rotation in the Shakhtar squad do you expect in connection with the departure of Teixeira?
- I assume that Alex’s position will be taken by Taison or Mister will entrust this role to Kovalenko. It is noticeable that Victor has improved a lot recently. He has spent the preparation with the team, which will allow him to confidently play in the first team at the appropriate level. It’s hard to talk about other candidates. By the way, instead of Fred, we will see Maksym Malyshev paired with Stepanenko.


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