Andre Braitenraiter: Quite dangerous score

After the game, Schalke’s coach has answered questions from media.

- We played a very good away match. We looked great throughout 90 minutes and had a lot of chances to score. Unfortunately, the players were not focused enough when trying to convert them. But in general we got a good result, although 0-0 is quite dangerous score. It is good that we have not conceded goals today. We were consistently building our game, there was full commitment on the field. So I rank the team performance high.

- In your opinion, what place would Shakhtar compete for in the Bundesliga, based on today's match?
- I rank Shakhtar’s game very high. This team played well in the Champions League, showing good performance in games with Real Madrid and PSG. I think that the Donetsk club would fight for the place in top 4 of the Bundesliga.

- Why did Schalke’s first-team forwards – Huntelaar and Di Santo – not play today?
- Di Santo now has some problems – he is injured. We preferred Choupo-Moting to Huntelaar. As the match showed, we made the right decision.

- What can you say about the controversial episode involving Geis?
- Unfortunately, I did not see what happened – whether there was or was not handball. But, anyway, Matip should have scored. In general, we created about six excellent scoring chances. Alas, we did not convert any of them.

- If we consider that your team have a real chance of qualifying for the Champions League through the national championship, what competition is more significant for you now – Bundesliga or Europa League?
- We have a good chance of reaching the next round, but Shakhtar proved to be a team that skillfully play in the attack. They are very dangerous opponents. We will try to show our best qualities in the Europa League and the Bundesliga.

- Has Belhanda become a full-fledged player of Schalke after tonight’s game?
- One game, of course, is not an indicator. But today he really played very well. Especially in the first half. After the break, Belhanda, unfortunately, did not use his chances, but overall he played at a high level, showing high speed. Let's see, time will tell.

- Who was the most useful player of your team today?
- I think it is Geis and Kolasinac. Because now they are passing a drug test, and in this respect it’s harder for them compared to the rest. I hope they will continue playing for our club.

- What were Schalke lacking in order to pull out a victory in the match?
- I would like to ask the players this question. On the one hand, they did everything right on the pitch, but on the other – they did not capitalise on their chances. However, the team spent a lot of time in the attack, but this is football, the ball doesn’t always go in.

- Are you now more optimistic than before the match?
- Shakhtar have proved themselves great today, but I think now we are no less optimistic than we were before the game. Fahrmann has proved that he is really one of the three best goalkeepers in Germany, stopping a lot of dangerous shots. And we still have to make much effort to put on a good game in the second leg.