Shakhtar vs Schalke: player comments

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the game with Schalke.

Darijo Srna, Shakhtar captain:

- If we take into the account the fact that we have not played official matches for two months, the fact that we have lost Teixeira, we can now be satisfied. We had chances, Schalke had theirs too – so the final result is fair. I think that this result is more comfortable for us than for the opponents. I am sure my team will be able to score on the road, but we will need to be well prepared, replace Kucher and move forward! We have young players who need help, advices, support. We hope that they will adapt quickly. It is hard to replace Teixeira after his 26 goals, but Kovalenko has other strengths. We all believe in him. Viktor may become a top player, but it takes time. If we compare Shakhtar and Schalke based on our tie that took place 11 years ago, both teams were strong back then too and they are still now. I hope that in the second leg we will find our Aghahowa. Schalke will have to attack more in front of their fans, and we will have free zones to exploit.

Eduardo, Shakhtar forward:

- It was the first game after a long break. In addition, we have injured players. Therefore, in principle, we are satisfied. Most importantly, we did not concede goals. The score may have been both 0-2 and 2-2, but the important thing is that we held onto a draw. Of course, no one expected a free kick. It happens rare, but we, as professionals, were ready. One of the most important players of tonight's game is Andriy Pyatov. In any team, a lot depends on the goalkeeper. Today, he coped with his task. After Kucher’s sending-off, of course, it became more difficult, but we managed to hold out until the end. In the second leg it is Schalke who should be beware, because we are able to score on the road and go further. I would like to note one more thing: despite the fact that the number of foreigners at Shakhtar has decreased, they have been replaced by young Academy players. They show a good game.

Ismaily, Shakhtar defender:

- It was a tough match against a good team. Before the game Mister drew our attention to the opponents’ right wing, where fast footballers play. We knew that we could not afford to concede, because this would greatly complicate our task. We managed to hold onto a 0-0 draw. We will try to achieve a positive result in the second leg. In general, we showed a good game. It was quite dangerous during an episode with a free kick, but we played properly and kept a clean sheet. We feel in good shape. Of course, the friendly matches that we spent at the training camp cannot be compared to the official games. Nevertheless, we did a good job and I hope that in the next match we will show even a better performance.