Shakhtar: view from Germany

In the latest issue of Shakhtar e-magazine, the readers will find the author's page of a journalist of the German publication Kicker. Miron Goikhman has given a detailed account about Schalke 04 there.

“In Germany, they treat the Europa League as a competition of secondary importance, the consolation one. At the moment, the Schalke situation is as follows: if they happen not to make a major advancement in the competition - it will not be a tragedy for them at all. Since so much more important is competing for the Champions League berth, and, in fact, after 20 rounds, the Gelsenkirchen side have rocketed to the fourth spot to secure that berth. Therefore, strategic goal wise, they may well sacrifice the Europa League for that purpose. This, however, should not be confusing for them, because the current Schalke are quite capable of winning the European trophy, just if the players give their 100%...

Shakhtar, meanwhile, has sold Alex Teixeira for big money. Germany reacted to the news calmly. Much more were they surprised here by last year's signing of Douglas Costa by Bayern. However, just shortly afterwards, they well grasped the fact that the big amount paid for the player is fully justifiable as Bayern had made just an excellent investment! Shakhtar know how to bring up top players, so they have the right to hope for success in the clash vs Schalke.”

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