Klaas-Jan Huntelaar: No matter how, but we need to win

Schalke 04 striker gives his take on the upcoming game against the Pitmen.

- In the first leg, you took to the pitch on 88 minutes ... However, what are Schalke supposed to do better in tomorrow’s meeting? You might need to change something in the way you play?
- What we need? In any case, we need to win! And how we do that is of no importance. Under no circumstances can we draw it 1-1, 2-2 or 3-3. We must win at any cost.

- Do you think Schalke are the favourites with the injured players taken into account?
- We’ve got two more training sessions ahead: tonight and on the matchday morning. I hope that our fans will support the team, so there’s every chance that we’ll make it further.

- What do the team do to create more scoring chances near the opposition goal? How successful have been Schalke in the German league and in European competitions in this regard?
- I believe that we did it well in the game against Werder, but every game is interesting in its own way, so it’s very difficult to compare games. Tomorrow we should take to the pitch and give our all.

- You made numerous apps in the European competition games. How important is scoring the 50th European competition goal for you?
- Of course, it would be great, but our major goal is advancing further. As the coach has pointed out, we’ve been very focused and stressed before tomorrow's meeting, including me. We are playing at home, always enjoying some great support from the fans. If Shakhtar net one, we’ll have to score a brace. Therefore, we’ll need the double support from the fans.