Andre Braitenreiter: The second goal broke our team

Post-match press conference of Schalke coach.

- We are all very disappointed. I think the same as you are. It should be noted that we had a successful start and began playing well. In the third minute, we hit the post after a free kick. Then we had a great chance in the seventh minute, which we had to put away. We, of course, expected a very different match. After ten minutes, Shakhtar began to play more aggressively, and it was very difficult to resist. The first goal we conceded came as a result of individual mistakes. Then we had to open up. We fielded the second forward - Di Santo. Then we had a chance to even the score, but unfortunately did not put it away. Then again there was an error, which led to us conceding second goal. Joel Matip, of course, did not it deliberately. He is now sitting very frustrated and disappointed. It's a shame that he has made this mistake because up to this time he had a great season. The second goal broke our team. We slowed down and stopped believing in ourselves. And Shakhtar are a very experienced club that acted calmly. Then we conceded the third goal. I think all of you understand: when you are 0-3 down, it is difficult to believe in yourself and get back into the game.

- How can you explain the fact that after ten minutes the team slowed down?
- Yes, indeed, we played the first ten minutes well. We dominated, while Shakhtar had big problems. We had a number of good attacks, but, unfortunately, failed to convert the chances that we had. I have often talked to our players about the fact that the team do not play focused throughout the match. I do not know what the problem is, because I see that the players are eager to win. Alas, the case of individual errors. Today, they decided the outcome of the game. It is very difficult to be safe from such errors. It happened today, and we lost. But we need to look forward and to instil confidence in our players. Although we are very disappointed that today we made mistakes and suffered a defeat.

- After the final whistle, the team did not gather in the middle of the field, did not hug and say goodbye to the fans, but it's a tradition of Schalke...
- It happened because everyone was very disappointed. The team do it after the Bundesliga games. But today, we felt that it was not necessary.

- What about Goretzka? What is known about his injury?
- Unfortunately, he has a serious injury of the shoulder joint. He will be out for a period of three to eight weeks. Most likely, he will have to have surgery.

- By end of the match the stadium was half empty. Many Schalke fans left the stands and even clapped when Shakhtar conducted dangerous attacks and scored. Can you understand their behaviour? Do you think you can lose some of the fans?
- It's a shame that they did so, but I understand their frustration. Fans expect a completely different game: they want their team run forward and convert their chances. We have to think about it. In general I can say that to some extent I can understand them, because today we really have not done enough and have not realised our potential. Our fans have dreamt a lot about winning Bundesliga and the Champions League. But let's be realistic: I repeated several times that at this stage we cannot do it. Now in the German championship we have a chance to take the place that next season will allow us to play in the Champions League. But we should not aggravate the situation. Again, I understand the frustration of fans. But the way they behaved has created additional pressure on our players, leading to individual errors.