Maksym Malyshev: I’m happy to have been to Donetsk!

The Pitmen’s midfielder has spent most of his winter holiday in his hometown of Donetsk. Today Maksym Malyshev has shared his impressions.

- I came to Donetsk specifically for New Year's holidays. My loved ones live in Donetsk; no wonder why I wanted to celebrate the New Year there. I also really missed my hometown. I grew up in Donetsk, where I became what I am now. It's crazy – I have not been home for 1.5 years! So now I'm extremely happy; I am happy to have again come back to Donetsk! Of course, first of all I went to the Donbass Arena. I cannot express all the emotions that I experienced when I saw our stadium. This is something incredible. I walked around on the Pushkin Boulevard, in the Shcherbakov Park... How little a man needs to be happy! – Maksym Malushev has shared his impressions.

Then, overwhelmed with emotions, he turned to the fans:

- I heartily wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. I wish you, first of all, peace! Sound health, well-being, prosperity to you and your families. May new victories not take long in coming! Happy New Year!