Guess the Score: winner gets Eduardo shirt

During November and December, the Pitmen’s official website audience have traditionally taken part in the competition of score predictors. Let’s sum up the results of two consecutive months.

Dmitriy Medvetskas became the winner after claiming 50 points. He will get Eduardo shirt autographed by the Pitmen’s number 22.

Anna Tereshkova was awarded Nike shirt for claiming the second spot. Thethird place belongs to Pavel Tarantsov. He will be awarded a football. Vlad Karashchuk and Sergei Markin occupied the fourth and fifth positions to become the owners of fan scarves.

Aleksei Rusetskiy is topping the rankings with 170 points and 56% of accurate predictions.

Congratulations to the winners! The game organisers will contact them via phone number or email address specified during registration on the website.