Giorgi Arabidze: Any Georgian footballer is gifted from birth

Dear fans! In the latest edition of Shakhtar e-magazine, we present an exclusive interview by Shakhtar sriker Giorgi Arabidze. The young footballer told us about his early career and his joining the Shakhtar Academy.

- Owing to what did you manage to start playing to senior team standards so quickly?
- I had a great desire! Besides, I am well prepared physically – the hereditary factor must have been of influence, while technically every Georgian footballer is gifted from birth. Plus I got a lot of experience travelling across different countries and improving my skill.

- They call you the Georgian Messi. How do you like your nickname?
- Of course, I smile when I hear such comparisons. That’s pleasing! They say that everyone dreams to play in the same team with Messi, but I never thought about that. I think that Leo is a top footballer in the world, but I have no idols in football. However, I keep a photo from my trip to the Camp Nou, where I was captured together with Messi, although that’s just a dummy of the Argentine.

- Football of what country do you like?
- English football. But Spanish football must be more suitable for my style. And, of course, Georgian football!

You can find the full version of the interview in our e-publication. Shakhtar magazine is available for free download.