Anton Kanibolotskyi: I fulfilled myself after age 25

The latest issue of Shakhtar e-magazine is out now. The central place in it belongs to the interview by Shakhtar goalkeeper Anton Kanibolotskyi. We bring you some excerpts from the conversation.

- Anton Kanibolotskyi back in 2012 and now. What has changed?
- In psychological terms, I feel more confident. They helped me grow as a footballer. I learnt many new things at Shakhtar.

- By all accounts, you are one of the calmest and most reasonable players in the team. Perhaps, because of those qualities, you managed to gain a foothold in the senior team?
- I think those traits help the goalkeeper. I fulfilled myself after the age of 25. Indeed, I feel that I’ve got calmer, more confident, more sensible. But this does not mean that I never cry aloud on the field. I give tips to my teammates, just do everything that is part of my duties.

- How do the three keepers you, Andriy Pyatov and Bohdan Sarnavskyi,who compete for a place in the starting line-up – manage to maintain a friendly relationship with each other?
- First of all, we are normal people - hence our good relationship, there is no talking behind one’s back. That's the main thing. Of course, each of us wants to be number one. But we treat the rivalry as a sport. And when you do not play, you need to analyze your performance.

- AtShakhtar goalkeepers can be fielded in every other game. Isthat difficult psychologically?
- The hardest thing is not to play for a long period. You lose confidence. It is better to appear permanently or in every other game, but without having long breaks. In order not to lose the rhythm of the game, the fitness. That's easier both mentally and physically.

Read the full interview in the e-publication, which can be downloaded for free right now!